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In addition to our regular concert series, we are also invited to sing at weddings, soirees and other special events.


The choir is unique in that it's repertoire is very broad, ranging from Swing to Jazz through to Classical and Liturgical music. We are therefore able to perform at a wider range of functions.

According to the marvellous Peter Goers, Cantabile Singers and the Exquisite Mary MacKillop Mass are 'Hot'.

Sunday Mail - Easter Sunday 2017

"Having heard the Cantabile Singers previously, I knew I had to get them to sing at my wedding.  We agreed on a song list and format as my wedding was a relaxed outdoor event, rather than the usual church service.  The performance was captivating and the singers very professional in their approach.  We had many comments from guests afterwards about how lovely the singing was, and I even convinced my sister to get them to sing at her ceremony when she and her husband were married."

Alexandra Hodgson

“What a performance! Your choir is simply amazing. I cannot thank you enough for the effort that went into organising the program, the rehearsal and the logistics of getting everyone to come to the Hospice last Saturday.


Thank you so much. The choir was by far the highlight of the day.


Your voices projected through the hospice so that patients who were unable to leave their room could still enjoy your concert. You had started to sing at the time I was helping Santa to his change room, which was located at the furthest point from the chapel. He asked me if we had put on a CD?  I said, "No – it is a real choir." He didn’t believe me until he walked around and saw you all in person.”

Lorna Riddle

Community Champion

The Mary Potter Foundation Inc (July, 2015)

“I am writing to invite The Cantabile Singers back in 2014 for our Lessons and Carols Service.


I realise that it is very early in the year to be thinking of such things. However, our Worship, Music and Education Committee has received such favorable responses to the service last year, that we decided to act now with an invitation.”

Rev. Dr Peter Trudinger 

Scots Church Adelaide (Feb, 2014)



Cantabile Singers Inc.

P.O. Box 117





SECRETARY – Fran Hurley – 0493 095 018

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